Ready-Made and In-Stock Polyester Tee Shirts– Coast 2 Coast Sports United States

Ready-Made and In-Stock Polyester Tee Shirts

Ready-to-go Polyester Tee Shirts: Custom-made to your specifications with the best materials available on the market at a reasonable price. Our classic fit tees are perfect for daily wear or special sports events. They will be sure to last you through many years of regular use by maintaining their original color even after multiple washes without fading away!

Customise your poly tee using our DYO where we have preloaded popular design templates from some of our favourite designs over the years. Pick your colour, change the Logos & add your team name & sport and you’re ready for checkout.

Decoration Cost:
$10 each side including logos, names and numbers. 
$ 20 total if front and back are decorated
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  • black/black
  • black/white
  • black/red
  • black/gold
  • navy/white
  • navy/sky
  • royal/white
  • red/white
  • charcoal /orange
  • charcoal/lime
  • white/white
  • white/black
  • navy/red
  • orange/white
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Regular price $12.00
Regular price $12.00
Regular price $12.00